In 1933, the late Rev. I. R. Richardson asked God in prayer to help him organize a church and then permit him to remain pastor of that church until God called him home. With the assurance of God’s aid, Rev. Richardson along with five other persons organized the church in June of 1933. After three days of fasting and praying, Rev. Richardson was spiritually led to select the name Greater Providence. Since the newly formed church did not have a church building, services were held at four different temporary locations.

When the membership had grown to approximately 105 to 110 members, the church purchased its first permanent location on Tuskegee Street. The church remained at the Tuskegee location for a period of three years. After three years of organization, Rev. J. L. Eades, Sr., joined Greater Providence in the year of 1936. The Tuskegee property was sold, and the church moved to its second permanent location at the corner of Oakland Avenue and Tanner Street.

In the same year that the church was relocated, Rev. J. L. Eades, Sr., was placed on trial with six other men for the office of Deacon. In the presence of the late Rev. Byrd, of Munger Avenue Baptist Church, Rev. Richardson ordained Rev. J. L. Eades, Sr. Several years later, Rev. Eades, Sr. accepted his call to the ministry. After an acceptable period of observation, Rev. I. R. Richardson ordained Rev. J. L. Eades, Sr. as a minister of the gospel.

After the death of Rev. Richardson, Rev. Eades, Sr. served as interim pastor until 1958. In the year of 1958, the church voted that he should become the full time pastor of Greater Providence Baptist Church. In 1972, through divine inspiration and leadership, Rev. Eades, Sr. led the church in the purchasing of our present location.

We came to our present location with one Assistant Pastor, Rev. Oliver J. Rowe, seven active Deacons, one usher board, three choirs and a host of members. Since 1972, our membership has increased in size. We now have a new pastor, Rev. Johnnie L. Eades, Jr., who succeeded Pastor Emeritus Johnnie L. Eades, Sr. who led us for forty years. (The church voted March 30, 1998, and elected him as Pastor Emeritus Eades’ successor) The Lord called Pastor Emeritus Eades home on March 29, 1999.

God has blessed Providence in a mighty way. Each move that Providence has made, God has moved with us. We can truly say today that our heavenly father has watched and is still watching over us.